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We are a team of passionate game developers with a focus on humanitarian needs. We work together with you for your success story and provide a fair share of income.

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Maximum performance

Without real players playing your game, it is not possible to gauge the true potential of it. We provide opportunities to test your prototypes in every stage.

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Selected target audience

With our 10+ years of experience in social media marketing we minimize the download costs and provide the visibility to your games they deserve.

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Test, learn, improve

Work with us to find out the success of your prototypes. Integrate our SDK's and test the limits of your game to achieve the best possible version of it.

Our Popular Games

Our most popular games reaching millions of people every month.
Blox War

Blox War

Blox War is New Brain Tuning Puzzle Game With Blocks, Just Tap to Place Block and Occupy More Room Against opponent Blocks. Simple Brain Puzzle Game Have Fun.



Turnify is new Block Puzzle game , Turn you Block to Fill the shape with Colors, Tune the Brain with Turnify Game.

Shoot It

Shoot It

Shoot it new Ball Filling Puzzle Game, Just Adjust your Targets and shoot Balls fill it.

Rope Survivor

Rope Survivor

You have just spin the rope with soft touch and collect same color circles. After completing first level drag the rope and circled different color blocks.

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You are more than numbers for us. Our team will give its full care for everything you need.
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    Let us guide you on how your game will become a hit, enter the market with a great impact and generate income

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    Test and learn

    We provide customized tests for your prototypes to see how your gameplay works - our customer success team provides specialized support for you.

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    Publish your first hit

    After the QA process is complete, we publish your game on selected platforms and provide the target audience specialized marketing.

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