Changing The World Through Games

At Presto Games, we offer an open-minded environment where bright ideas are encouraged to shine. In order to adapt to the ever changing and improving game industry we surround ourselves with exceptionally talented people from across the globe.

We forge partnerships and build great products

Presto Games collaborates with independent game developers, game companies and entertainment brands from around the globe to create top-quality and engaging games together.

We self-publish our games in-house and have all relevant professions under one roof but we also support indie game developers in many different ways to help them take their game to the highest level.

Great teams make awesome games

Presto Games is a fast growing mobile game publisher. Some of our latest releases include Blox War, Turnify, Shoot It and Rope Survivor with many more incoming.

Data beats opinion

We optimize our games constantly by analyzing data, combining quantitative player behavior and quantified community feedback to support our decisions. We aim to improve continuously on proven knowledge and expertise to repeat successes instead of relying on one-hit wonders and translate our domestic success to a global scale.